MEGApix® 5MP ultra low-profile vandal dome IP cameras are here!
Posted by Mark Espenschied on Sep 10, 2020 in New Products, Technology

See color in near-total darkness with new MEGApix®  real-time 5MP ultra low-profile vandal dome IP cameras.

Ultra low-profile vandal dome housing
These cameras are small and discrete, ideal for high-end applications where the cameras integrate into the overall design. HD video surveillance in a small and sleek design allows for discrete installations.

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Star-Light Plus™ color in darkness technology
Star-Light Plus™ color in near-total darkness technology provides crisp, clear images in the absence of ambient light.

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Color image details in near-total darkness.

Monochrome images in near-total darkness.

DWC-V7DECO rings
Five (5) white decorative rings make it easy to customize the look of your cameras for specific applications. Simply paint the rings to match
your décor.

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True WDR
Cameras with true WDR technology have advanced sensors that can deliver clear images in a wider range of lighting.

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Image is underexposed

Image is overexposed

WDR image is clear and balanced

TAA / NDAA Compliance
DW® products sold and distributed worldwide are designed and developed in U.S.A. and Korea. Manufacturing is done in Korea and Vietnam.

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H.265 codec support
High-Efficiency video codec standards deliver 25% to 50% increased data compression while maintaining video quality.

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Two times the space.
Same video quality.



Main stream for recording.

Secondary stream is for live viewing.

Simultaneous dual-streams
Use the camera's dual-stream feature to manage traffic and bandwidth on your network, with high-resolution stream for recording and standard-resolution stream for live monitoring.

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