MEGApix Ai cameras come in various quick deployment and straightforward setup housing, including versatile focal lens options, dome, bullets, turrets and multi-sensor solutions, guaranteeing the right camera for any application.
Dual-Sensor Dome Camera
DW’s dual-sensor IP camera provides two sensors that can be positioned and configured independently, allowing flexible, multi-directional video surveillance that is ideal for monitoring hallways, train stations and other narrow-view environments.
MEGApix Ai ANPR IP camera
DW’s Automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) IP cameras can detect and extract numbers and letters in license plates at up to 75mph at 95% accuracy, converting the pixels to usable digital data.
Combine DW's ANPR technology with an MMCR license (coming soon) to accurately extract a vehicle's attributes, such as make, model, color, and type, in addition to the vehicle's license plate.
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AI deep learning
DW’s MEGApix Ai PTZ cameras come with an edge-based AI Deep Learning (DL) engine that provides real-time object classification for an intelligent video solution.
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Create deterrence and provide crystal-clear images in color without the need for external illumination or the potential loss of color and detail from B/W images.
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QR code reader detects and registers codes in the FoV with green LED visual verification.
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Special IR Design Prevents IR Reflections
CDW’s new dome design places the IR LEDs separately from the lens and dome. The result is a clear B/W image in any lighting and weather conditions, with no IR reflections on the dome or IR hots.
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DW’s dual-sensor IP camera provides two sensors that can be positioned and configured independently, allowing flexible, multi-directional video surveillance that is ideal for monitoring hallways, train stations and other narrow view environments.
Star-Light Plus™ monochrome image in near-total darkness.
Star-Light Plus™ also delivers color image details in near-total darkness.
Higher Resolution = More Pixels, More forensic details
DW's technology delivers high-resolution crystal-clear images, making more minor details appear clear and sharp when zooming into the scene.
Smart IR™
Smart IR™ adjusts the image for IR cameras to prevent excessive illumination.
IR light reflects from an object, reducing visibility.
Smart IR™ cameras distribute the IR light evenly in the FoV.
True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
Cameras with true WDR technology have advanced sensors that can deliver clear images in a wider range of lighting.
Image is overexposed
Image is underexposed
WDR image is clear and balanced
Simultaneous dual-streams
Use the camera's dual-stream feature to manage traffic and bandwidth on your network, with a high-resolution stream for recording and a standard-resolution stream for live monitoring.
Camera's secondary stream for live monitoring. Lower resolution, reduced bandwidth use.
Camera's main stream for recording. High-resolution, high bandwidth use.
Smart DNR™ 3D digital noise reduction
Use DW’s exclusive noise reduction technology to produce clearer color and monochromatic video in low light without adding visual lag or ghost effects.
Digital noise in low-light environments
Smart 3D DNR clarifies digital noise
H.265 codec support
High-Efficiency video codec standards deliver 25% to 50% better data compression while maintaining video quality.
ONVIF® Conformant
DW’s ONVIF conformant IP products allow you to bring our robust solutions to any surveillance system with other ONVIF components, creating a unique solution to your specific needs.
IP67 rating has protection against dust and water up to 3 feet.
IK10 Impact Resistant
IK10 Impact Resistant
IK10 rating protects against impact equivalent to 10lbs mass dropped from 15.75 inches.
5 Year Warranty
5 Year Warranty
All DW cameras come with an unbeatable 5-year warranty.
NDAA and TAA Compliant
DW IP cameras, analog cameras, NVRs, DVRs, network devices and management software sold and distributed worldwide are designed and developed in U.S.A. and Korea, with manufacturing in Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan.
Most DW products qualify for GSA Schedule Contracts and other government opportunities because they are TAA and NDAA compliant.

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